Frames offered by Wholesale Optical

Wholesale Optical carries over 5,000 frames. Please select from one of the selections below for more information.
C.E.O. Frames. 24-K. gold plated with Swarovski crystals $99.95
CEO-150 black
CEO-160 Brown
CEO-150 silver
CEO-145 gold
CEO-145 Brown
CEO-145 black
CEO-144 Silver
CEO-144 gold
CEO-141 Silver
CEO-141 gold
CEO-139 Silver
CEO-139 gold
CEO-154 gray
CEO-162 Gray
CEO-162 black
CEO-177 black
CEO-172 brown
CEO-169 Silver
CEO-165 Brown
CEO-165 black
CEO-160 Brown
CEO-156 Brown
CEO-156 black
CEO-137 gun
CEO-137 gold
CEO-177 Brown
CEO-137 Silver
CEO-135 Silver
CEO-120 Silver
CEO-120 gold
CEO-117 Silver
CEO-117 gold
CEO-114 silver
CEO-114 gold
CEO-107 Silver
CEO-107 gold
CEO-105 silver
CEO-105 gun
CEO-105 gold
CEO-122 gold
CEO-122 Silver
CEO-135 gold
CEO-133 Silver
CEO-133 gun
CEO-133 gold
CEO-130 silver
CEO-130 gold
CEO-128 Silver
CEO-125 silver
CEO-125 gun
CEO-125 gold
CE0-158 black