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John ClassI picked up my new sunglasses yesterday and my new glasses last week. It's nice to be able to see clearly, but; more importantly it's Nick, Leena and Shantel who make you want to come back because of, first and foremost, who they are, but also their skills, knowledge and atmosphere. read my other testimonials, try them for yourselves and you'll agree with me that this is really the only place that I'll have your glasses made.Gary and Isabell KunzWe had a very good experience with Wholesale optical. Nick and Leena, are very helpful and professional, at what they do. We especially appreciated, having an appointment. They both dedicated all their time, just to us. We will never go anywhere else, for our eye wear needs. Thank you so much, Nick and Leena, great job.Nancy MaurerAs someone who wears trifocals I have always had trouble getting glasses made that I can actually see out of clearly. I highly recommend Wholesale Optical as the company of choice. Nick and Leena were amazing,friendly and very knowledgeable. Not only did I get the frames I wanted, the service was excellent and I walked out with a new pair of glasses that are PERFECT. No complaints at all. This is by far the best place to buy glasses. I will not go any where else. ChloeWholesale Optical is awesome! I was dreading the whole "shopping for glasses" experience after visiting another vision place that was so confusing and unhelpful. But when I walked into Wholesale Optical, I knew I was in the right place. The owner, Nick, is super friendly and personable, the prices can't be beat, and their work was high-quality and fast. I am VERY pleased with these guys and would recommend them to anyone!VanessaI was recommended this place by a co-worker. I showed up without an appointment and was so excited at the large selection. Frames are priced so well, and the service was amazing. He keeps costs low and is extremely fast at getting glasses back to you! i had 2 pairs by the end of the day in hand. so excited!!!! family run business. I already recommended 2 more of my co-workers there and my family is all wanting to go get some new glasses as well. I'll definitely be back. they truly love what they do and want to help you get the glasses that work best for you! Kim SchneiderI had an emergency when I snapped my frames at the bridge and was worried about getting my lenses in and replaced within a weeks time as I'm traveling and will need my only pair of "distance seeing" glasses before I leave. I looked online and saw that Nick's shop had what looked like similar frames. When I got there I was so happy to see the vast array of awesome choices available within my "poor woman's" budget. I hung out and waited while Nick helped a client get his new progressive lenses fitted and comfortable and must say I was impressed with the service just from overhearing the exchange between the two. When Nick got to me I had already picked out what I really liked off the wall that looked like a good fit for my lenses. He laughed and said I had a great eye for what would fit (artists are good at that, btw). Nick preceded to pop out the old lenses and pop them into the new frames right then and there! I was thrilled! He made sure thy fit me perfectly, cleaned them and had me ready to roll in less than 10 minutes. I will NEVER go anywhere else for glasses ever again. This beats Costco by leaps and bounds. It's really hard to find honest, caring people to do business with nowadays but if you're looking for great product, service, and people?... Nick is the BEST!SaigeThey were so helpful and so nice. I ordered my glasses on saturday and I got them on Monday. Not only that but the prices are amazing. I will always buy my glasses here. I highly recommend them. Karen HansenI have gotten many many Bi-Focal glasses from Nick since he had Wholesale Optical out of his house.The gasses are always perfect and the lines always placed right. He has always taken great care of me. I wouldn't go anywhere else ever! I just purchased Bi-Focal sunglasses from him. He and Betiana, the wonderful lady that works with him, helped me picked the style out. They look awesome. My right eyelashes were hitting the lenses on one side, driving me nuts. But, Betiana spent time working on them and now they are perfect. She is awesome and does a great job. Nick and Betiana always make me feel at home. (:MelThank You Nick. Got glasses from you and they are GREAT. I am 74 years old and these are the first glasses that works well from the start. Again Than You. Rick CI was looking into a specific set of sunglasses. I had gone to a competitor and after 3 attempts to "get it right", I asked for my money back and walked out. I had passed by Wholesale Optical several times and thought I should stop in and see if they could do any better. I walked in (not realizing appointment needed) and spoke to Nick. I explained my situation to him and not only did he educate me he took the time to make sure my needs were met. After a couple measurements and a couple selection of frames he was certain he could produce the special order sunglasses. When I was informed that my glasses were in with hesitation I went to pick them up hoping the came out right. Well needless to say at the moment I put the glasses on, I knew I had come to the right place. Nick did outstanding work. Like most others, I wished I had stopped in sooner . His knowledge and experience is second to none. I will most definitely recommend Nick to everyone. Not only was the quality just as Nick said it would be, the price was spot on and affordable too! THANKS NICK!! Jim RobertsonNick and his help are great I finally have a pair of glasses I like. This is the only time I got what I wanted. I wished I had gone to see Nick sooner. I had a pleasant experience and will go back again. I really like my glasses.Kevin DutsonNick and Lena have an amazing Company! I was recommended to Wholesale Optical From my Doctor at Hoopes Vision almost 2 years ago. I haven't been disappointed yet! Just about 3 months ago i broke my glasses and just popped in to their shop to see what i could do, Nick greeted me with Kindness and Professionalism (Even though the shop closed 15minutes before I arrived) and he just fixed them for me real quick. I love Wholesale Optical and i will always be a loyal customer and advocate to them! :) LuAnn BrownNick and Lena are so welcoming every time you enter their shop whether it's to purchase new frames or repair existing frames (husband sat on his glasses). We always recommend them to our friends & associates. Thanks again!Lisa AllenThe prices are unbeatable! But beyond that, Nick also helps you find the best frame shape and color that looks great on you. I haven't been disappointed yet!Jean A.Nick is the best! His glasses are meticulously made, and the flexible frames are amazing. Besides a high quality product at astonishingly lower prices than most stores, he and Leena give service beyond any warranty I've seen before. They not only personalize their care for you and your eyewear, they accommodate your schedule and needs in every way possible. Recently my glasses slid under my feet in the car and I stepped on them in my effort to locate them. Nick met me at the store on the Saturday of a 4-day holiday weekend because he knew my particular prescription would be unbearable sitting at the wrong angle. Thank you!!RichI had to get glasses in 2007 when I was 42 years old, and I heard all the horror stories about the insane prices. A woman at work told me about Wholesale optical and I was interested because of the price. I went to two other optical centers first and the prices for Transition lenses was very high, I decided to give Wholesale Optical a try and what a great decision. Nick and Leena were fantastic and I got three pair for the price of one pair at the other places. Thank you Wholesale Optical!Marat B.Thank You so much for great service and ooh boy talk about prices!!!!!!! Best in the valley !!!Sonya SteinerNick I love my new Glasses!. I loved your service. I loved your stories. My son loves the Sun Glasses. You're very personable & professional. And your the first one I didn't have to ask to adjust my glasses properly. And the price! Half of what I normally pay. Hence why I got two pair. I will admit, I was worried because the price was so cheap, but I'll tell you, I'll be back on again to let you know how they're holding up! Just to give you an idea of how much I add to my glasses... I have rimless, Titanium Flex glasses, anti scratch, anti glare, uv.... and because I like the shape of my old lenses so much, he made my lenses the same shape as the ones on my old ones. Thank you so much!JackI first got glasses from wholesale optical about 5 years ago. The price was fantastic and service was beyond compare. I'm now going back again this week to get a new pair. Jen FrameIn December 2012 I made an apt with Nick and Leena. I walked in and immediately felt so comfortable. The two helped me pick the most fashionable comfortable glasses ever. I love my glasses, and will be returning for another pair! Thanks to the both of you for being so great! Anna MarieI got my glasses 2 years ago from Nick and Leena and have been very impressed with the quality and durability. I was afraid the titanium bendable would not be as high quality as other stores but they have proven to out last my friends ( who paid 100 X more than I did) and my kids did more damage pulling at my frames than hers. I will definantly be coming back to get another pair with my new prescription!Janeth CardenasWow awesome they got the best price in town . Nick and Leena great person they help and tell you, what is the best for you. . I highly reccommend them.Mike HowardWow what an awesome experience. I ended up getting 3 pair of glasses and Sun glasses that are the best I have had in years, and I didn't go broke getting them. I have comfortable fit, light weight, and he gauranteed them. We have shopped other places and had many things be wrong and they did not stand be hind them. But Nick and Leena have! even though all they did was create more for me and the family awesome. Thank you Both for sharing your expertise, care and concern for others. I Highly encourage you to go to this first class Optical facility for all your family needs!!! Jody TuftI recently purchased glasses from Wholesale Optical and I am so impressed with the glasses. The selection of frames was amazing and I was able to find exactally what I wanted . The cost of the glasses was far less than I have paid for glasses in the past and the quality was far better. Nick and Leena are so professional and so kind. I will continue to purchase all my glasses from them and at the prices I can now afford to have more than one pair of glasses. I highly reccommend themShirLee McGarryNick and Leena take the quality in eye glasses and customer service to the next level of professionalism. I was first introduce to Nick at the home show that I attended with a client and family member, who encouraged me to look into their service with all the bad experiences I have endured for years with other companies, including high costs for an inferior product and fit. I grabbed their card and put it in my stash of cards I collect from small business owners for future reference. Paying out horrific prices for ill fitting glasses & frames that would break within a month and poor service, I finally contacted Nick and all I can say is for once I have named-brand glasses which I wouldn't think of ordering before that do not hurt or cause sores on the bridge of my nose and the fitting is perfect. Since that meeting I have also ordered Italian brand sunglasses (Prescription) at a fraction of the cost I'd pay elsewhere. Nick and Leena are the best in the industry! Thank you both for bringing my ability to see correctly to a 5-star status!John ClassNick has done it again!!! PEOPLE...THIS IS NO FLUKE!!! He filled my "tricky" trifocal prescription AND my occupational glasses FRIST TIME once again. Nick REALLY knows what he is doing. If you have any questions, call me @ 801-466-7528. I don't get reimbursed for this, it's just nice to have people like Nick and Leena here to help us. Scott DureinWe met Nick at the Spook-A-Palooza event for children. Never would I have imagined such a great experience from someone at a trade show. What was really fantastic for me was that when he finished my glasses, I could see dramatically better than with the glasses I purchased at Eye Masters. What a difference a quality technician makes! Thank you Nick!!Brad F.I love my glasses! When I first heard of Nick and what he was doing- providing such great glasses at such a low cost- I was skeptical. I have been burned before by "cheap" deals. So, I purposefuly waited about 7-8 months to test the quality before making this testimonial. I can say, these are the best glasses and the best deal I have ever had! Karen HansenNick is awesome. I love my new Bi-focals. I already had two pair from somewhere else. Never was completely happy with them. I am totally happy with my new ones. Thanks Leena for helping me pick the frames. Next will be Bi-focal sunglasses. Can't wait!Ann Chase-Yasenko1. The best glasses I have ever had. Real customer service, like back in the day!!!
2. Wholesale Optical sounds to good to be true but Nick & Leena are the, "REAL DEAL."
3. Make an appointment to be WOWED for yourself.
4. Download driving directions from 801optical.com it couldn't be easier.

JessieI never wanted to wear my glasses because I didn't like the style, but that was all we could afford. When we went to Nick and Leena, they helped me pick out a pair that I love and were affordable. Now I wear my glasses all the time. Thank you soooo much!!Jenn FosterAmazing! Thanks for helping us pick out the Glow in the Dark Glasses for my eight year old. Carson loves them. The FireFly Frames are awesome. He wants to wear them all day so they can charge. You two are awesome! The price was too good to be true and we are so happy to have saved so much money. Thanks Nick and Leena for all your service and knowledge. MaryI was skeptical, but now I know the quality and service are outstanding. Wholesale Optical is a business model that should be copied. I would have continued to use my frames that were cracked because of the expense of replacing them at other opticians. Then a friend came to work with beautiful glasses and told me I had to go check out 801 Optical. They are providing quality products and quality service and helping so many people enjoy better vision at affordable prices. THANKS!Wendy Buchanan18 months ago I brought my 1-year-old daughter in for glasses. I can't imagine ever going somewhere else! Nick and Leena are the most genuine, caring people. Toddlers and glasses are a tough combination-- and Nick has been extremely helpful. He is always willing to squeeze us in between patients to adjust/fix her glasses. We've gone through 4 pairs of glasses so far and are so lucky to have found the amazing deals wit Wholesale Optical! Anytime I hear someone mention that they need glasses, I quickly speak up to recommend "Uncle Nick." THANK YOU NICK AND LEENA!!!John ClassPLEASE READ THIS!!! I've worn glasses for almost 50 years and Nick got my tricky tri-focal perscription DEAD ON the first time and that hasn't happened in years!! He and his wife, Leena, know their job and product. I am VERY pleased with my new glasses AND my new sunglasses which both Nick and Leena chose frame and tint and what a difference it has made when I'm outside. THANKYOU, THANKYOU, THANYOU!!!Miriam HydeP.S. Have to put in an extra word about Leena. She was so much fun, and knew just what to look for for me.
Nick and Leena are truly remarkable people, and such an asset to the Salt Lake County community!
Miriam HydeMy husband, Drew, and I met Nick and Leena at the Spring Home Show. I tried on a few frames, and what shocked by what they said progressive lenses and frames would cost. Everywhere else I'd been, I was looking between $500-800.
Earlier this week,one lens of Drew's rimless glasses broke into two pieces. He needed glasses immediately. Nick was able to see us that afternoon. We gave Nick a vague idea of what he was looking for (altho I had the final say!). Nick pulled a frame, which looked fantastic on him. They were sophisticated and timeless, and nothing like he'd been wearing for a long time.
His glasses were so inexpensive; a fraction of what we'd have normally paid, and they were ready in about 20 minutes. What can I say? He looks dashing and SO handsome!
Because we saved so much on his, I ordered mine, as well. With progressive compact lenses (I never knew there was such as thing as "compact"; the big deal is that I was able to get a smaller frame), a to-die-for frame, and every coating available, the total was HUNDREDS of dollars less.
We are definitely going back for sunglasses, and to take our 18-year old twins.
Other than the one I kept for myself, I ran out of a stack of their business cards in one day.
Drew and I work in the disability and aging communities. Medicare has no glasses coverage, and Medicaid offers no eye care of any type for adults. What a boon to be able to share 801Optical with these special populations.
I will likely start building a fashionable and fun wardrobe of frames!
Many thanks to Leena and Nick!
KelsyOH MY GOSH!!! This place is the best and most amazing place ever!!! I love that when I went there Nick and his gorgeous wife were so helpful and friendly. They have the most fashionable, and best quality glasses out there for the best price. There is no way I could have gotten these nice and sweet looking glasses anywhere else the that price. I told Nick I want some sun glasses to go with them and the first pair he pulled out was exactly what I wanted. He knows how to read his customers and match their desired look! I love my glasses. And the same say I bought my glasses I was able to walk out with them, not having to wait 2 weeks for them to put in my prescription. They are just incredible. My husband and I will be going back forever! I hope he is around for my children's children. Matt SchaugaardWOW!!! My first thought was this is too good to be true. I brought my 7 year old son in and within a half-hour we were out the door with glasses on! A combination of the best prices and the best service. Nick's great to work with, definitely a 5 star establishment.John I could not take the smile off my face last night driving home with my new glasses. I knew my old glasses were bad, but I had no idea just how BAD they were until I put on this new pair. Nick rushed my special lenses and stayed open late for me to pick them up. You don't get that kind of services anymore. In less than a week, myself, my wife and a co-worker of hers have all purchased glasses from Wholesale Optical. Give them a try. You WILL thank me later.MashaMy husband discovered Wholesale Optical and I was very skeptical at first thinking I better use my insurance designated provider. So, I obtained a quote from Lens Crafters that was over $300 for one pair of glasses after my insurance coverage. After this shocker I agreed to explore the other alternatives. And I am soooooo glad I did. We received an incredible service from Nick; he is very passionate about what he does and he spent a great deal of time to ensure the frames fitted perfectly. Both I and my husband got new pairs of glasses and the price for both of them was less that my Lens Crafters quote. I am very happy with my pair and will recommend Wholesale Optical to my friends and coworkers. Thank you Nick for a great service, great glasses and for taking the time to educate us about our vision needs! I will be returning for a pair of shades for summer Gloria WrightThis is the greatest "find" ever. I just purchased bifocal glasses with the Zeiss anti-glare coatings, titanium frames, for less than half the price I have been paying at Costco for a lot less quality. In fact my Costco glasses had anti-glare coating which was actually peeling off and the frames never did fit very well. Nick and Leena were awesome in helping me pick out frames that fit. Also, when I changed my mind about one of the pair I had purchased Nick was awesome and made me new lenses refusing to take any money to do it. I don't know anyplace that would do that!!! I will never go anywhere else for glasses and will tell every one I know who needs glasses where to go for the best glasses and the best service - of course Wholesale Optical. It is the greatest place ever.David C.I am sitting here at the computer almost in shock after having driven home wearing my WONDERFUL new glasses! I started wearing glasses when I was 6 years old and I can honestly say these are the BEST pair of glasses I"ve ever worn! I have always had a very strong (and generally expensive) prescription to fill, so it seems I've always had to compromise with less expensive lenses, cheaper frames, or in some other area. But, immediately after Nick put this pair on I saw how much better the optical quality of the lenses was compared to what I've worn for well over 40 years now for much less than half the price that I would have normally paid for them.
I'm also glad Nick talked me into getting the Zeiss anti-glare coatings! That's definitely something I didn't know I needed (especialy with my prescription) until I tried them. Now I hope I never have to go without that option in the future! I'm definitely going to be a repeat customer for as long as Nick is in business, and I'll have no problem referring 801Optical and Nick to anyone I meet who wants to know where I got these GREAT glasses!
Diane R."" OK. I purchased new glasses from Wholesale Optical. All I can say is "SIMPLY AMAZING!" The prices are GREAT and the service is SPECTACULAR! My daughter and I had an absolutely delightful experience with this place...especially Nick and Leena! When is the last time you actually had FUN doing something like this? These are the best glasses I've ever owned. I picked out my frames and Nick made the lenses and put them together for me literally in less than 15 minutes! I definitely give them a 5 Star rating :) Oh, and by the way, tell them I recommended them to you. I RARELY put my name behind something, but I'm all the way behind this! Check out their Facebook page. I definitely wrote this in their comments. Let's all spread the word!SeanI was really skeptical that Wholesale Optical to the Public was too good to be true. That could not be further from the truth! I was able to purchase a pair of glasses for my son and one for myself for far less than I had been quoted for just my son’s glasses. To top it off we received higher quality frames and better options on our lenses! Nick and Leena dedicated their absolute attention to us and our needs. They were forthright and honest about the product, options and what best fit our needs. There was no sales pressure whatsoever. They spent a great deal of time to ensure the frames were the correct fit and function, and that the lenses fit our lifestyle. They made the lenses, assembled the glasses and fit them to us all in the same appointment….no waiting what a novel concept! I strongly urge you to shop around, and then make an appointment to see what they can do for you. While you are there be sure to ask about how they are giving back to our community, you will be astounded by the generosity! Thanks Nick and Leena, you have secured my business!Jackie Jan 22, a Saturday morning at 7:30 a.m. my mother calls me to tell me about this great place that sales glasses. I didn't want to hear about her new glasses. I wanted to sleep. It was my only day to sleep in. But she was very excited to tell me. And I did answer the phone so I listened. She told me about the great prices. About how nice Wholesale Opticals and Nick were. She talked me into getting my glasses there. I finally agreed. I called and made my appt. Leena told me how to get to the office and that my glasses would be finished in about 10 to 15 mins on the same day. I thought she meant days. I was fine with it. When I got there I was greeted with professionalism and really inexpensive prices. I wondered about the quality but, when Nick brought them out in the 15 minutes as was promised, I was totally amazed at the quality. I bought 2 pair and paid less than I would have spent on 1 pair anywhere else. So if you haven't tried buying your glasses from Nick and Leena, do it. Now I'm thanking my mom and Nick and Leena. Thanks!!Thad Wholesale optical is great they have a great selection, and they are very nice and easy to work with. I have recommended them to my friends and will be back for sure.Alina O.I bought 2 pairs of glasses from Nick and Leena (one pair of normal lenses, and one pair of prescription sunglasses) and am very pleased with them. The glasses are wonderful and the price can't be beat. After a few months, my little son broke one of the glasses and went back to Nick and he fixed them right away without charge. He also gave my son a free pair of sunglasses. Nick and Leena are very generous and nice people! I definitely recommend them to everybody!Cassidy Ratliff - SLCJust wanted to express my appreciation to Nick for his willingness to get me glasses on NEW YEARS EVE! He was so great to get me in and get me glasses in literally about 30 minutes. I know that this might seem to good to be true but, it is the real deal. Lots of styles to choose from and VERY friendly. If you are looking for glasses you have come to the right place!LaMar & RozAMAZING!!! Everything about our whole experience was AMAZING. The service was the best we've ever experienced. Nick and Leena were not satisfied until we were satisfied. The quality of their lenses and frames is so great that we could not believe the high quality at such amazingly low prices. I had never heard of "Zeiss" A-R coating before, let alone been offered it for my lenses. It is AMAZING! These are the best glasses I've ever had! They come closest to giving me perfect vision, as if I had 20/20 vision and didn't need to wear glasses at all, than anything else I've ever had (maybe even better than perfect vision, because I couldn't get the Zeiss coating for my eyeballs!!!). We wholeheartedly recommend Wholesale Optical to everyone. Thank you, Nick and Leena, for everything! We will definitely be back!JoAnn & McKenna I love this place,it was very professional and they went beyond to help out,my toddler was all over the place driving me crazy and Leena kept her co. so I can take my time without pressure,I couldn't believe the prices especially with the amazing quality,I have paid 2-3 times more in the past,Never again!Now I'm going back for our sons pair :) Thanks Nick & Leena!JoAnnChris WeaverNick and his wife Leena are a blessing to our community. They help people by providing HIGH QUALITY FRAMES AND LENSES at a FRACTION of the cost. I needed very special lenses because of my lazy eye. As an expert craftsman, Nick was able to make the lenses so they weren’t heavy or bulky. Not only can I see clearly, but I am astonished at the clearness of objects at night!
Nick and his wife are friendly, professional, caring and helpful.
I highly recommend their services to ANYONE needing glasses as Nick’s quality beats any optical distributor I have ever used before including: Eyeglass World, Shopko, and Walmart. I promise you will be well rewarded with well fitting and quality glasses. I was amazed at the huge selection of frames he has available at his office. As young adult I did not want “Grandpa” glasses and was glad he had many age appropriate styles to choose from.
He used machine to measures to see how far apart my eyes were. He did not trust the first reading so he did the test 3 more times and found out my eyes were not asymmetrical. One of my eyes is a very tiny bit further from my nose than the other
In 15 years of wearing glasses no other optometrist has taken the time to recheck this reading. They just saw me as another customer but the time Nick took to make sure these glasses were what my eyes need really has made a difference. When I put on my glasses I can feel my eyes focus for the first time since I began wearing glasses. The very minor adjustment has opened up a whole new visual world for me and I can now see clearer and further and I can read without my lazy eye drifting any more.
Nick’s lenses are superior to what other companies are willing to give you at a more than reasonable price.
Thank you Nick !!!!!!!
Guyos TimeMy little kid broke my glasses and i was in desperate need of new ones. Everyone would tell me it would be done in a few days. I went to see Nick at Wholesale optical and my glasses were ready in 15 MINUTES, and that with much better quality lenses and AR coating. Price ? Lets just say it was only the fraction of the retail price. Thank Nick. You got our business until you get sick of us.Dustin and Jennifer DoanWe saw several ads on KSL.com to check out 801optical.com. Of course with the prices being so cheap we were somewhat skeptical, but thought what the heck, they were in town and anything is better priced than America's Best, Standard Optical, etc. We met Nick and he's the best! Very knowledgeable and broke it down to us as far as what we need and don't need, why the charge the crazy prices that they do, and why he is able to offer services as such a great price. We saved well over half of what we would've spent at other places and without all the upgrades on the lenses! Would highly recommend getting an appointment and seeing what he has to offer! You can't beat this!!! Thanks Nick, you are the man!Tom & Kathleen BenincosaWhat is the catch? That is the first thing I thought when I was first told about Nick. Even after visiting the website I was still really skeptical. I decided to schedule an appointment with the thought that I would just see what this was all about and then schedule an appointment with my "real Dr." Well be prepared to be amazed. I was SCHOCKED!! As was my husband who, as a police officer, was extremely skeptical. We were greated with warmth and kindness and left feeling better about my purchases than I ever have, especially when buying glasses. We had such a great time getting to know Nick and found ourselves wanting to stay just to visit with him and get to know him better. I must admit even after I picked out my frames I was still unsure of the quality. 15 minutes later Nick handed me my glasses, I took off my old pair and when I put on my new pair I was amazed at the quality of the lenses and frames. I can't stop telling everyone I run into about what a great experience I had. I am planning on going back very soon to get some prescription sunglasses. Once you go to Nick for your galsses you will not go anywhere else. The world needs more people like him. Thanks again Nick you are the Best! My husband and I look forward to seeing you again soon. Have fun fishing!!SaraI thought it was one of those too good to be true deals, but I decided to try it out anyway and pleased as punch that I did. I shopped around for glasses and was quoted $360 to $400 for the special lenses I needed, when I say special I mean thick. I got mine for less than $200 with Nick and Leena with a new frame, not just the lenses I needed. He fit my thick perscription very nicely into a beautiful frame. A lot more than I thought I'd be able to get. All for a retail value and quality that I would have never been able to afford elsewhere. I could only afford contacts OR glasses a year, not both, but after about 4 years my eyes can finally rest from contacts! A very nice generous couple to devote their time to do this for the public. So nice in fact he gave me a pair of sunglasses for free on the way out the door! Again, a quality I'd never be able to afford. Definitely referring out to friends and family. Don't knock it til you try it. HollybThis is the second experience I have had with purchasing a pair of glasses from Nick and Leena and I 'm just as pleased as I was the first time. Very professional and friendly and I got a pair of glasses that I never would have been able to afford anywhere else. Check it out...you'll be glad you did :)Gordon S.We, the glasses wearers of Salt Lake City, are fortunate to have a true craftsman, a master optician, and really nice guy, in our midst. Not only are Nick's prices low, his creations are the finest glasses I have ever had perched on my nose. Anybody can do low price but to combine that with craftsmanship and quality is altogether unusual. Suffice it to say you'll get a truly handcrafted set of lenses (I watched him make mine - fascinating) set in a top-notch, stylish frame, and at a price that will have you buying two or three pair. But after having had the Wholesale Optical experience I'd say price ends up being least important (though it certainly gets your attention); more important is the quality of service that Nick delivers. He's a rare bird.Laura HoffmanI have now bought 2 pairs of glasses and I am very impressed with the professional way Nick and Leena treat you. The glasses are wonderful and the price was unbelievable. I am referring my friends and family. Nick and Leena, GREAT JOB!!Tami and BobYou feel like you have known Nick forever. We bought three pairs, two for myself and a pair of sunglasses for my husband. Nick knew I was currently wearing too large of frames for my face. So many glasses to pick from, but we ended up with the first ones Nick had picked out for me. The prices were so good we bought a pair of sunglasses for Bob and were not planning on it. He gave our uncle a free pair of sunglasses since he was with us. What a generous man!BrandonWhat a amazing experience! I seriously thought it was one of theose too good to be true deals. We got a wonderful product and great service. True custom glasses for a fraction of the price than I had ever spent before on glasses. We seriously got three pair of glasses for less than half of what we would have spent on a single pair and we got better quality. Thanks so much!Dick BartonI am very please with my glasses and the congeneality that Nick showed. He has excelent quality glasses and the prices can't be beat. Nick is so friendly that you feel very comfortable at his showroom and you feel like you have known him for years. Nick takes the time with you to make sure you are getting the right kind of glasses for the shape of your face. Thanks very much Nick. CathlynWe picked up our glasses today 4/5/2010 and its unbelievable!!! We can't believe we got 3 pairs of glasses with all the extras for the price of 1 glasses. You have to check this place out because they will save you a ton of money. Thank you so much Nick and Leena!! We will definitely come back!!Glorie and TravisTravis and I are deaf. We went there with my son. Nick is very patient man. He is very wise about save money. I was so suprised that i got wonderful glasses. I love it so much. I was suprised that Nick gave my son a sunglasses. We will always have him do our glasses!!! Hovig & HouriWe bought 4 pairs of brand name glasses for less than 1/2 what we would have paid everywhere else. My wife gets compliments everywhere she goes and lies about how much she paid for them. OOps ... I'm going to get in trouble for saying that! Jeff M.I was very pleased with the quality and service provided to me. Thanks very much for taking care of me and my family while visiting your store. The prices are great. It seems to be too good to be true,but its as real as it can be.JaceeWow! The prices and service can't be beat! Thanks Nick and Leena!Daniel MayI am very happy with wholesale optical. Excelent quality at a great price

KerryThe service and product can't be beat at Wholesale Optical. My estimate at Pearl Vision was $459. I bought 2 pair for less than that. The lenses and frames are a much higher quality for less money. It was nice working with Nick, you never feel rushed and he takes the time to explain everything. Thanks Nick.John & Irina GillespieWe cannot express enough what a great pleasure it was to order from Nick. This guy is terrific. We can't wait for our eyes to get worse so we can buy some more glasses.Aaron H.The prices and selection at Wholesale Optical is amazing. I bought a pair of normal lenses, and a pair of prescription sunglasses for less than I would have spent just for lenses anywhere else! I have worn corrective lenses for about 12 years, and I have never had better service or pricing. I will definately be back!DebbieI am so pleased with my glasses. I was able to purchase 3 pair of glasses (bifocal, reading and prescription sunglasses) for so much less than I was quoted 2 hours prior to visiting Nick. I was so pleased with the professional, quality service I received. They help you chose the frames that fit your face, - NOT JUST THE MOST EXPENSIVE TO MAKE AN EXTRA BUCK. They make sure they are properly adjusted and you are genuinely satisfied with you purchase.
With todays economy this is the best way to boost your budget. There is no reason not to get new glasses with their prices.
What more could anyone want!
Thanks a lot Nick
DaneI'm a student that usually sits at the back of the class. Being able to see what's on the board is obviously very important so I went to standard optical for an exam. After visiting with Nick, I figured out that I could get 2 pairs with all the features from him for the same price that Standard Optical wanted for 1 pair of their most basic frame and lense. And that's with insurance. As for the quality? FANTASTIC! It's like I have Hd lenses! Everything is so crisp and clear. I will definitely hope I'll be coming back to get another pair very soon!! THANK YOU!!! seanmy vision is terrible iv been legaly blind sence the fourth grade im 24 and if i lose my glasses i need to find my glases to see where i put them my glasses have always been bulky and heavy and extreamly expenciv i go to alot of rough concerts so the pair i had wuz constently being put back together after being compleatly destroyed i foud nick my he put a rush on my extra thin lences and gave me titanim frames w anti glare iv never seen better in my life no halos around streat lights and no more headach i couldent be happyer JodyI am completly impressed with the quality and attention that I received from Nick. He made the BEST lenses I have ever seen for my son. My son has a very complicated and thick lens and Nick was able to make the thinnest lenses I have ever seen!! I am so impressed! Thank you, Nick! KentAs an avid mountain biker I approached Nick for curved lenses with a transition lense. That is something no one in Salt Lake can offer. He made up a nice pair of sport glasses with an elastic strap holder for the back. They stay on and provide excellent vision in any weather. These transition light and dark and have anti-glare. They have been wonderful! Great job, Nick!Michael W StevensonI went today (Sept 1 2009) and what a fantastic job Nick did. He is the very best that I know of and no one even can compare! Nick was so fabulous, curious and so professional and was so concerned for me that it was the best. I want to say that if you want the best quality ever for glasses, then go to Nick and his wife and you will NOT be disappointed. You are getting more of a bargain than you would anywhere else. Nick gave me such an awesome deal that I will go back as often as possible to stock up on great quality glasses. Remember, your eyes deserve the greatest and Nick will give that to you. Thank you Nick for your awesome and superior quality!B-Jo and JamesMy husband and I went to see Nick after my brother and sister-in-law got glasses there. We went because my brother was so impressed with Nick's services, prices, and hospitality. Even my nieces and nephew were super excited with Nick, they got sunglasses from him and he told them how cute they are. When James and I went, Nick was so nice, so is his wife, and they make you feel right at home. Choosing the glasses was easy, and James was able to find a regular pair and a pair for sunglasses. When you include my pair as well, we paid less for all three pair, than what I believe we paid for just one pair of prescription glasses in the past. I recommend Nick to everyone.Nicole P.I have to admit I was leery about going to a home-based business, but not being able to afford new glasses otherwise left me no options. I am so glad I went !!! It was a very professional experience and friendly to boot. You absolutely cannot beat the prices. I'm sick about all the money I've thrown away over the years on over -priced glasses. Nick's selection was great, they even had designer sunglasses for a fraction of the mall price. AND my glasses were done in 20 minutes not the usual 2 weeks! They work wonderfully, I have no complaints and I'm definitely going back for all my eyeglass needs, I can't afford not to! Money is tight and I felt that Nick genuinely wants to help by passing these savings on to his customers. I STRONGLY suggest that before you go blow a fortune on glasses elsewhere, go check out wholesale optical first. You won't be disappointed.Peter IIMy experience with Nick has been delightful.
I compared the purchase price of my glasses with Standard Optical and found that they charged about three times Nick's price ($380 vs. $130) -and their price did not include the special drilling and mounting procedure for my frameless glasses.
He was recommended to me by my little brother; and now I'm recommending him to my friends and associates.
Kellie Being an at home Mom to 2 little ones with a really tight budget I was really worried about purchasing glasses.
When I found this website, It seemed to good to be true. I was pretty skeptical...
Yet the minute you walk in the door, you feel very comfortable.
Nick and his wife, were very personable, honest people. He explained everything in such great detail, you really understand what your options are and feel good about making decisions...
I was able to get a great fashionable pair of glasses for such an amazing price!
Thank you so much! I will definantely be back!
CharlesI have been wearing eyeglasses for over 20 years. Like most people, I want quality at a fair price. My daughter told me about Wholesale Optical and their great prices. I found their prices for high quality glasses to be even lower than the big box stores. But the reason that I went to them again to replace another pair of glasses was the service. They have their own on-site lab and have been making and fitting glasses for over 20 years. If you like attention to detail, fast service and quality at a fabulous price, this is the place.ShawnI can't believe the quality, service that my family has recieved from Nick. It has saved my family over 800 dollars in the last 2 months with my wife and my two boys getting glasses and we will save more when I get my. Thank you so much!!!PatI needed to buy some glasses for my daughter so I grabbed the phone book and started looking through it. I found wholesale optical and thought wholesale? I wrote it down and proceded to go to Standard Optical where my daughter got her first pair. We did not find anything that she liked. I told my brother that we should go to this Wholesale Optical and see what it really was about. He was skeptical. I told him that whatever they did there or how much convincing they gave us we did not have to buy anything. He was skeptical, but I wanted to give it a try. Lina and Nick were great to us. I just want you to know that they took very good care of us. I couldn't believe how nice they were. I bought two pair of glasses for my daughter and my brother ended up buying one for himself. Thank you Nick and Leena for being so nice and doing good for others and the community. When we need glasses again I will come back.Don DavisThe eyewear here is inexpensive and the quality is primo. Nick and Leena will do what it takes to get you into a quality frame and lenses. Nick was very informative and took THE TIME to answer all my questions and explain the options. I saw him at 11:00a and picked up (2) pair of glasses at 5:00p same day ! The service is SPECTACULAR !!!! It won't be 10 yrs before I buy my next frames. Thanks again.GIGI & MOWE HAD BEEN TO JUST ABOUT EVERY OPTICAL CENTER IN UTAH COUNTY. WE CAME ACROSS WHOLESALE OPTICAL ON KSL.COM. WE MADE THE APPOINTMENT . AND IT WAS MORE THAN WORTH IT!! BETWEEN THE GREAT PERSONALIZED SERVICE TO THE INCREDIBLE PRICES ,WE LEFT KNOWING THAT WE WOULD BE BACK TIME AND TIME AGAIN. I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND WHOLESALE OPTICAL TO ANYONE THAT IS LOOKING FOR A GREAT PAIR OF GLASSES AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. THANKS NICK AND LEENA FOR ALL THAT YOU DO. I AM FINALLY HAPPY WITH MY GLASSES!!!!!!! YOU ARE A GREAT ASSET TO ALL OF US.Robert & Teresa L, WyomingWe found out about Wholesale Optical from my mother in law, who lives in Utah. We drove 500 miles round trip to see Nick. It was worth it! Not only did we get an INCREDIBLE deal, but the customer service is AWESOME! We paid less for 3 pairs of glasses what we would have paid for 1 pair somewhere else. Nick is so nice and so patient. He explained everything. He even gave our children a pair of free sunglasses! We are definately customers for life! We love our new glasses! Thank you so much! Jim W.I found out about Nick's operation through an internet search. I was very pleasantly surprised by both Nick's professional attitude, and his friendly character. The selection of frames was tremendous, and the care that Nick takes is unbeatable. I was very impressed also with the very inexpensive cost of the frames. Nick also takes great care to explain every detail. The frames really are top quality for an excellent price. I will be buying more frames from Nick. Thank you Nick.Sam d. Mahana When looking for a pair of glasses and not wanting to pay extremely high retail prices. I found Wholesale Optical on KSL.com. First thought that came to mind was "this has got to be to good to be true!' I placed a call to Wholesale Optical and to my surprise the prices were just as mentioned on the website.. VERY LOW! I purchased one pair of daily glasses as well as a very nice trendy pair of sun glasses/ goggles which are also fitted with my current prescription. Both pair of eye wear are stream line as well as modern. Wholesale Optical is very professional, which is something I look for! I am very pleased with the results. Thank you so much.Chris and Shekinah Thank you so much! What a great thing to be able to find great glasses for such a blessing price! Nick was able to get us right in and helped us find glasses that would fit us and our wonderful eyes! Thank you very much Nick! Fiona & Zach JacobsenWe found out about Wholesale Optical from another client. Last year we spent nearly $800.00 for glasses for our daughter Allie and myself. Not only were Nick and Lena's glasses a LOT more reasonable but the service and professionalism was the best that we have ever received. The world would be a better place if there were more caring people like them. After working with Nick we would still use his services even if they were regular optical prices. Thank you Nick! You have another life long customer. FionaVictor WagnerThank you to Nick and Leena for your warm and professional service! Great selection and price - I especially appreciated Nick taking the time and effort to explain everything in detail. Highly recommended.Jamie Childers, 801-565-1201We bought our son's glasses here and have been quite pleased with the quality of the lenses. His prescription is fairly high, and the lenses are as thin as can be. I work at a CPA firm, so I know quality.Bryan FreeIt's been over 5 years since I bought glasses. My parents introduced me to Nick and Leena. Last time I bought metal frames with scratch resistant coating. It cost somewhere between $200-300 dollars for two pairs. I could have bought the same pair from wholeasle optical for about $40. This time I went all out with titaium frames and all the add ons for less than $100. Plus I felt like I was at an old time neighbors house just hanging out. They are great you will never find greater value or quality than these frames. I will be buying sunglasses and getting new frames more often now. Thanks for helping me to afford taking care of my eyes on a regular basis. Paula McKeeThese glasses are the best glasses I've ever had, ever, and I had a LOT of glasses.Justin CombsI found Nick and Leena through a classified ad and was very skeptical when I called. I imagined a flea-market feel where I would be rummaging through old boxes of used or out-dated frames hoping to find a good deal. I have to say my experience was the exact opposite. The frames, the service, the facilities, and the people were all absolutely top notch. I could tell immediately Nick was very experienced in the field. Their facility is as nice or nicer than any optometry office I have ever been in. The advertised prices are legitimate and the quality is unbeatable. I was so happy with my experience I took a bunch of their business cards and have been handing them out to everyone I know. In fact I just bought my second pair.

Thanks again for everything,
Justin Combs
Midvale, UT

Pam & Ralph WrightThis man knows his business, and is exceptional to work with. We were so glad to find him; our glasses were not only a fraction of the cost, but his care in making the glasses and fitting them shows his professionalism and caring. Thanks to Nick and Rosaline!
Pam & Ralph Wright Bountiful, UT
HaibingNick, my wife and I are so impressed by the exceptional service received from you. Not only the best price, but also your willingness to help people. You will have customer for life, see you soon...Ike SpencerNick, I’d like to thank you for your professionalism in fitting me for a new set of glasses. The experience I had in purchasing a set of glasses from Wholesale Optical was not only pleasant but educational. I know I saved at least 50% on my glasses. This is my 3rd set of glasses and I’ve never had a pair of glasses fit so well. The lenses and frames are so light I keep them on all day w/out ever removing them for any reason. Once again thanks Nick and I would like for you to list me as one of you permanent customers. Nick and Leena welcome to Utah. I’m an assistant principal high school in West Valley and I have referred everyone that notices my new glasses to you.

Ike Spencer
Hunter High School
HeatherWe've been telling all our friends about Wholesale Optical--great prices, great selection and great service. Almost too good to be true...Nick was so nice in helping us pick out a pair of cool glow in the dark glasses for my son. Wholesale Optical is one of Salt Lake's best kept secrets...